Vending Machine

Vending Machine

The Vending Machine allows you to sell items to players. They trade in an item, and the Vending Machine gives them something back!

Basic Setup

When configuring your Vending Machine, there are two main options to customize: required item and granted item.


If you wanted a player to pay 10 Cash to receive 2 Shield Cans, you would set the options to the following:

  • Required Item: Cash
  • Required Item Amount: 10
  • Granted Item: Shield Can
  • Granted Item Amount: 2

In-Game Look

In-game, a player can walk up to the Vending Machine and make a purchase (assuming they have enough of the required item). Once the purchase is made, they will receive the item featured in the Vending Machine.


Non-Item Purchases

With the Vending Machine, you can also allow players to purchase something that is not an item! A player can buy more health, a speed upgrade, unlocking a gate!

To do this, you’ll want to set the Purchase Action to Transmit On Channel.


From here, you can transmit a message on a channel/connect a wire to run an action when the item is purchased!

If you use this option, your Vending Machine will not have an icon displayed. To set an icon, you’ll need to set the Item Image option. Visit this article to learn how to set up a custom image.

Hidden Vending Machines

There are many scenarios where you may want to offer the player to purchase something, but don’t want to show the Vending Machine body.

For example, there might be a barrier that a player can pay to remove. Instead of showing the large Vending Machine next to the barrier, you can hide it! Even with it hidden, the player will still have the option to purchase when near the barrier.

To disable the Vending Machine from appearing in-game, turn off the Visible In-Game option.


Limited Stock

If you want your Vending Machine to sell out after a certain number of purchases, you can do that! Visit the Stock tab, enable Limited Stock, and set the amount in-stock.

You can adjust if the stock is for everybody, per team, or per player by adjusting the scope.


If you only want a player to be able to purchase an item once, you can enable the Deactivate After Purchase option. This will automatically disable the Vending Machine once a purchase is made, allowing a player to only purchase once.


The Vending Machine by default requires you to have all of the required item to make a purchase. If something costs 1,000 Cash, you must have 1,000 cash!

If you enable funding, you can allow players to help contribute smaller portions of the required item, decreasing the remaining cost. To turn it on, head to the Funding tab and enable funding.