Gimkit Content Guidelines

Gimkit Content Guidelines

Teachers and students all over the world play games on Gimkit. Keeping Gimkit a safe, fun, and friendly space is a shared responsibility. As someone who creates public content in Gimkit, you play a vital role. Here are the rules about the content that can and can't be in your games.

Graphic or Inappropriate Content

The things you share on Gimkit should be fun for everyone. Don’t share anything graphic or upsetting. Everything in your games should be OK for students as young as 6 to see.

Personal Information

Never share your or anyone else's information on Gimkit. This means things like where you live, your real name, or any details that can tell others who you are. It's not okay to share or say you'll share this kind of information about you or anyone else. Keep it private and stay safe!

Unkind or Unfair Content

Be kind and respectful at all times. We don't allow put-downs or any hateful language or images. Your games can't say or show anything mean, hateful, targeted, or abusive. If it's not allowed in school, it's not allowed here. Help us make Gimkit a positive place for everyone!

Bullying and Harassment

Bullying, targeting, and harassment are not allowed. It's not okay to make fun of others or to act mean, scary, or rude. Trying to make someone else feel bad so you feel good doesn’t work. It's easier, and more fun, to be positive and friendly!

Impersonation or Unauthorized Content

Don’t pretend to be anyone else. And don’t take credit for anything you didn't make yourself. Pretending to be someone else to deceive or defraud others is not okay. Share things that you made or got permission to use. If you share something someone else made, give them a shout-out.

Dangerous or Illegal Activities

Stay away from dangerous or illegal things. Don't do or encourage illegal behavior or share harmful content. Don't make threats, even as a joke. If you see something dangerous, tell Gimkit right away.

Scams and Deceptive Content

Be fair and don't trick others. No scams or sneaky tricks, like asking for account details or buying/selling accounts.