May 12th, 2023

May 12th, 2023

Publishing with Publish Links!

  • You now publish your maps with the brand new Publish Link feature!
  • The Publish Link feature generates a link that you can share with others for them to play your map. The link expires after 3 hours.
  • Learn how to use Publish Links here.

New Editing Option: Camera Zoom

  • You can now adjust the zoom of the camera while in editing mode!
  • This makes it a lot easier to edit larger spaces. You can zoom out & see more on-screen.


  • You can now flip props & have them face the other direction

Mobile Warning

  • Gimkit Creative is designed only to work on a laptop/desktop with a mouse & keyboard. If you try to use Creative on a mobile device, you’ll now get an alert.

Bug Fixes

  • Removing permissions now works with multiselect