May 11th, 2023

May 11th, 2023

Today was the release day of Gimkit Creative! Thank you all so much for all your support on the first day. It was amazing to see how much you’ve created in just the first day!

  • Map Options
    • New score type: Knockouts
      • With this score type, you can easily sort the leaderboard by the number of knockouts players/teams have, without using any extra devices
      • This is the default score type for all new maps
    • Infinite Refills are now enabled by default on all new maps

  • Editing Experience
    • Editing Options now save when you go in-game and begin editing again. Your player collision, movement speed & grid options will now all remain intact.
    • Maps will now automatically save every 5 minutes.
    • There are now sound effects when you add & remove things to your map!
  • Questioner Device
    • Instead of having to paste in a kit ID, you can now simply paste in a link to a kit.
  • Terrain
    • When adding terrain, you can now adjust the size of the brush. To go even faster, use keys 1-4 on your keyboard to quickly adjust brush size!

  • Tutorial
    • The Gimkit Creative tutorial now won’t get stuck if you get ahead of the directions by a little bit.

  • Gimkit Pro
    • Gimkit Pro subscribers now get 10 map slots (compared to the standard 3).

  • Bug Fixes
    • Fixed an issue where disabling Resource Drop in Map Options would also prevent you from dropping gadgets.
    • Fixed an issue where updating the max health + max shield would not apply.
    • Fixed an issue where switching a player to the Spectator Team would cause a crash. It now works, which means you can actually build Battle Royale maps! 😊
    • Fixed an issue with the Laser Beam device where “Active on game start” set to “No” did not work properly