March, 19, 2024

March, 19, 2024

🥳 Platforming Is Here!

Platforming for Gimkit Creative is finally here! This allows you to create maps in Gimkit Creative similar to Don’t Look Down.

The editing experience you are used to in Gimkit Creative remains the exact same! However, you’ll find a different set of terrains designed for platforming. Additionally, some props and devices may be missing as they are not designed or updated for platforming.

To get started, create a new map and select “Platformer” for the map style. Note that creating platformer maps is currently only available to Season-Ticket holders, but will become available to everybody later in 2024.

⚠️ We’re In Beta!

One thing to note is Creative Platforming is in beta! While we hope not, we may need to make changes that might break parts of some platforming maps. Just be ready that anything could potentially be changed/removed.

If you discover a bug, please report it in the Bugs area of the Creative Forums:

There are two parts of Creative Platforming that you can expect to change during the beta:


Expect physics attributes such as air & ground acceleration/deceleration, jump distance, slide/climb angle, to change, especially if a player’s speed is not set to 1.

There also some current bugs with physics (like how you can get stuck sliding between two sloped platforms) that we plan to fix eventually.

Prop Colliders

For platforming, we had to take all of our props and build platformer-specific colliders for them. There are some props that we haven’t made colliders for or whose colliders need to be updated.

🎮 Have Fun!

With that out of the way, go have fun building your own platforming maps! Don’t Look Down is a pretty simple mode, but with Creative you can bring fun other aspects of other modes into platforming!

Bring in gadgets, sentries, tagging, crafting, and more. It’s up to you!

  • Sentry
    • Sentries now dynamically react to their environment! If props/barriers are activated or deactivated, sentries will now adjust accordingly!
  • Laser Beam Manager
    • Added a new Auto-Switch option to automatically turn lasers on & off at a set interval without needing any extra devices!
    • This option is enabled by default for all newly placed Laser Beam Managers