February 5th, 2024

February 5th, 2024

  • NEW: Ball Device
    • The ball device is now available in Gimkit Creative! This is a moving physics ball, the same kind we used for Blastball!
    • Adjust the size and appearance of the ball
    • Get even more advanced, and adjust the physics of the ball! You can adjust the top speed, hit impact, bounciness, friction, and mass!
    • The ball is more responsive to gadgets that deal more damage. A single hit from a Quantum Portal will move the ball more than a single hit from a Zapper.
    • Each ball requires a decent amount of server processing, which is why this is a fairly expensive device to place (1,000 memory)

  • NEW: Ball Capture Zone Device
    • Use this device to detect when a ball enters a certain area. This is ideal for making Blastball style game where you can detect when a team scores.
    • Select between a standard zone appearance, or a Blastball appearance with goalposts!
    • Decide if you simply want to detect when the ball enters a zone, or respawn it when it does.

  • Additional Sentry Appearance Options
    • You can now change the appearance of a Sentry to some other Gims! There is no need to own these Gims, they are accessible for everybody to use.
    • The new appearances
      • Bonesy
      • Captain Buck
      • Chompz Costume
      • Detective Baka
      • Echo Agent
      • Kynami
      • Libre
      • Ozi
      • Raveena
      • Stache
      • Vortex Agent

  • New Blastball Props
  • Arena Flag (Blue)
    Arena Flag (Purple)
    Arena Flag (Red)
    Hydration Drink (Blue)
    Hydration Drink (Green)
    Hydration Drink (Purple)
    Hydration Drink (Red)
    Ice Bucket (Blue)
    Ice Bucket (Purple)
    Stadium Ad Base
    Stadium Bench (Blue)
    Stadium Bench (Grey)
    Stadium Bench (Purple)
    Stadium Bench (Red)

  • New “Blastball Court” terrain

  • Waypoint Device
    • Updated so that you can track the position of a Ball Device

We recently began work on bringing platforming (from Don’t Look Down) into Gimkit Creative. We don’t know when it will be ready, but we’re super excited for you all to be able to create your very own platforming maps!