December 11th, 2023

December 11th, 2023

  • New Gadget: Blaster
    • This is the same gadget used in our new game mode, Blastball!
    • This gadget features super fast projectiles (a little faster than the Slingshot)

  • Item Granter Device
    • Added the ability to adjust the starting amount of projectiles loaded into a gadget
    • For example, do you want players to spawn with a Snowball Launcher, but with only a single snowball loaded in? Well, now you can do that!
    • Note that you cannot increase the starting amount beyond the gadget’s capacity

  • Barrier Device
    • Added the ability to rotate the Barrier when the shape is set to “Rectangle”
    • The Barrier is no longer visible in the Pre-Game phase for published maps when “Visible In-Game” is set to “No”

  • Zone Device
    • Added the ability to set the Zone shape to “Circle”

  • Map Options
    • Added the ability to disable PvP damage. This allows you for example to have a map where players compete and fight against Sentries, but cannot damage eachother!
    • Added the ability to enabled Instant Refills. Once a gadget is out of projectiles, it will refill instantly!

  • In the last update, we introduced the ability to hold H and V while moving a device/prop to lock it to that axis. Well, this now works with multi-select as well!