Spawn Pad

Spawn Pad

The Spawn Pad allows you to set where players are when the game begins! All you have to do is click and place one down to set the location! If no Spawn Pads are placed, players begin at the center of the map.

Spawn At Random

When multiple spawn pads are placed down, players will spawn at one of the pads at random. Gimkit Creative tries to also have players spawn at pads that nobody has spawned in to reduce players overlapping.

If a player respawns after the game starts (due to getting knocked out for example), they will respawn at a random pad again.

Spawn Pads For Each Team

You can customize which Spawn Pads are for which team. This is particularly helpful for modes where you want teams working together (so everybody on the team spawns in a single place) or different teams split apart.

To change which team is allowed to spawn on the pad, simply adjust the Allowed Team option.


Spawn Pads For Each Phase

Gimkit Creative games have two phases: game & pre-game!

The pre-game phase is before the game begins. This is the phase where you edit your map, or where you wait in the lobby. The game phase is well…the game!

If you want players to spawn in a lobby before the game begins, you can set the Use During Phase option to Pre-Game.

Setting a spawn pad to be used during the Pre-Game can also be helpful if you have a bunch of devices you want to get back to after you finish game testing. By placing a Pre-Game spawn pad, you’ll spawn right back there after you end the game.